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Photographic Tours

Montebello Wolf Tour -- $150.00 per person (includes entry fee, lunch is separate).
Accommodations if necessary are separate and the responsibility of the photographer.

“My day with Michael at Parc Omega was a great experience. His knowledge about the wolves as well as about photography
is impressive and I have learned a lot from him. The shooting was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to go back again.”
Jacinthe Brault

"I really appreciated the tour with you. You know so well the wolves and their lifestyle, their habits and each individuals. It was really informative and I learned a lot. My shooting experience was a success and I made a sale of one of my best photos. I would go back any time. All the best!"     Yannik Hay

"Mike, once more I would like to say thank you from Holland for that SUPER excursion we had in Parc Omega. Your camera and wolf knowledge also helps me here in Holland in our wild parks. Hope to see you this Summer again and I am sure the keyword will be WOLVES." Greetings     John

“My experience with Michael was so enjoyable! I had fun and I learned a lot about wolves. He really knows about the subject and we can easily feel his passion for wild life and photography. I really recommend you to have that experience, you surely won’t regret it!”     Manon

All Wolf Pictures Copyright Michael Cummings and Bill Maynard ©

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