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Wolf Prints

Support wolf conservation through the purchase of an exceptional one of a kind wolf image available as a canvas, poster or print in a variety of sizes. With government sanctioned wolf kills on the rise the need for wolf conservation has never been more important. Wolves Only has decided to make every effort to support wolf conservation throughout North America by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of a number of exceptional one of a kind wolf images made available as a wolf canvas, wolf poster or wolf print in a variety of sizes. Each wolf canvas and wolf print is available in a variety of sizes and stock which are outlined below.

You can view our Wolf Print and Wolf Canvas designs at our two Wolvesonly Fine Art, and Wolvesonly RB stores.

Arctic Wolf Picture - Wolvesonly

Wolf Print

Poster Paper (Matte) For low-cost, long-lived posters, select Value Poster Paper. This very white paper creates vibrant art and photo reproductions

Poster Paper (Semi-Gloss) Great for printing large-format posters, this bright semi-gloss paper makes brilliant, colorful images look crisp and smooth without a putting a dent in your pocket.

Archival Heavyweight Paper (Matte) With a smooth matte surface, our archival heavyweight matte paper is designed for displaying highly saturated images without sacrificing print quality. Prints on archival heavyweight matte paper are fade-resistant and have a 90+ year archival rating

Premium Canvas (Gloss) Gloss canvas is made from an additive-free cotton-poly blend and features a special ink-receptive coating that protects the printed surface from cracking when stretched. Made with a tight weave ideal for any photography or fine art, our instant-dry gloss canvas produces prints that are fade-resistant for 75 years or more
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